Women and PTSD in the New Political Climate

I have spoken to a number of women who feel genuinely afraid since the election. Today, I want to share this article from Psychology Today with you. It validates and details some of the reasons WHY you might be feeling this way. Women are far more likely to have been impacted by gender-targeted violence and negative treatment than men, and the election results may be genuinely triggering (or re-triggering) a traumatic experience for you. 

One of my passions in my work is helping women feel empowered, healthy, and like they matter in this world. I want to helping you get to know yourself, have compassion for who you are, and be able to BE the amazing person you already know you are. And every woman I know, myself included, has experienced some form of objectification or harassment from men, not to mention the multitudes of us who have experienced many worse transgressions based on our gender. 

If you are really struggling right now, feeling unsafe, anxious, or highly emotional, this article may offer some insight. Or if this describes someone you know and love, this article may help you understand.


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