The Radical Thing You Can Do To Change Your Life Today

We are all connected. Just ask any buddhist or metaphysicyst. All flowers become garbage. And garbage, when tended to properly over time, will beget beautiful flowers (as compost). The radical choice then is to embrace the garbage in life as well as the flowers, knowing with your deepest wisdom that they are one in the same. In fact, finding it in yourself to tend to and care for the garbage may yield more beautiful flowers than you ever imagined, blooming brightly in your life. It requires trust, patience, and a desire to practice changing your thoughts, but it's available when you're ready.

What does that look like? Politically, it looks like not judging someone you believe is acting like a terrible person. You can speak about your beliefs and hold personal boundaries without perceiving the person as unrelated and so separate from you. To you, they are the garbage and you yourself are clearly the flowers. To them, it may look the exact opposite. Personally, integrating this concept into your life looks like not judging yourself for all your shadows and shortcomings, and avoiding seeing your self or parts of yourself as bad or wrong. Instead, those dark parts of yourself are a part of the whole you. And they are fodder for some amazing learning and growth id you can manage to look at them with open arms rather than a cold shoulder. 

While I don't generally practice from a spiritual place, this notion has brought me comfort in these trying times. Since the election, I have seen an uptick in depressive and anxious symptoms. Perhaps now is the time to be bold and choose love, acceptance, and care - of yourself, your neighbor, and your perceived enemy. Reducing your own suffering by changing your mindset can make life more enjoyable, and leave you more energized and able to take the action you need to, whether that's personal, professional, or even political. 

I'm not a Pollyanna. I know some of us just aren't supported and stable enough to have the inner skill to monitor and have choice in our thoughts and experience. I know when I was homeless and struggling after losing my home in a fire five years ago, I was too anxious and too lost and too sad to find the inner resources to follow advice like this. So please, don't judge yourself if that's where your at - if doing the simplest tasks to keep life moving is all you can manage right now, that's fine. In fact, that's great. You are right where you need to be. My offering in this post is the idea that just maybe having some love, compassion, and acceptance for the crappy place you're in will be a part of being able to slowly work your way back out. 

Here's to the part of you that is the part of me that is in us all. May you find access to choices that make your day-to-day life as happy and joyful as possible.