Introducing: Advice of the Day

In addition to my longer blog pieces, starting today you will also find shorter Advice of the Day blurbs on this page. These will be brief thoughts, reminders, or other small touchstones to complement the longer pieces I write. I will also post these on my Facebook page (, for those who prefer to follow there.

Getting pissed off, really fed up, can be a great gift. It can push you to take the bold action needed to change the game you're playing. I will not sacrifice myself to my life, as this is the only one I have. Push for yourself, stand up for yourself, love yourself. You choose. There is no other "you" out there, so stop waiting for "you" to be different. Be the strongest, fiercest advocate for the "you" you are. Hello 2017. Let's get dirty. #adviceoftheday #getdirty