Sarah Rodgers, MA, LMFT 1179, RDT

Sarah Rodgers, MA, LMFT 1179, RDT

You need a partner in support, someone to challenge and encourage you in confronting a difficult issue or time in your life. I believe you know what you need, that you are here seeking help for a reason, and I am here to support, guide, and challenge you in your journey.

Finding the right fit for you is crucial, so I am available to email or talk on the phone to help you decide if I am the person to help you. I utilize primarily talk therapy approaches, as well as drama and expressive arts therapies, to meet your unique needs and comfort level.

My practice currently includes two spectacular interns, Courtney Peterson, PhD and Jack Justin Dreher, who are able to offer lower-fee service options to couples, families, and individuals.

Please explore this website more information, or use the button below to contact me now for a no-fee phone consultation: