You already know how to play.

You already know how to play.


Drama Therapy

Drama therapy is role play. It is pretending. It is building a safe space, or speaking to your future self, or stepping into your boss' shoes. It is creating and imagining in order to help you process, express, and heal what is limiting you. Drama therapy is a creative, embodied, relational way to work in therapy that draws on many theatrical and psychological theories and concepts. "[It] is the intentional use of drama and/or theater processes to achieve therapeutic goals" ( 

As a Registered Drama Therapist (RDT), I can work with your innate creativity and imagination to help you move towards the change you wish to create. Based on your specific challenges and goals, as well as your interest and comfort level, we can explore relevant experiences, present, past and future, and use your creative mind to assist you in achieving new perspective, practicing and integrating new skills, expressing yourself in a safe space, and generally busting through the limitations we often perpetuate in our lives by verbally repeating the same story over and over again. 

This is a broad approach which encompasses a wide array of techniques, and no client's treatment looks the same as another's. I will create and facilitate experiences with you as we work together, often spontaneously, based on what is happening with you in the moment.

You do not have to have any creative background or training to enjoy and benefit from this approach. Only a willingness to bring your creative, intuitive self with you to therapy, and maybe an inclination to experience playfulness and to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Current drama therapy group offerings: Improv for Anxiety with Unscripted Improv; Playfully Present at Mindful Nashville

For more on drama therapy and to get to know more about Sarah, listen to her interview on Holistic Revolution on WXNA Nashville with Ramona Reid of Nashville Center for Alternative Therapy (NCAT) here.